Things to Keep in Mind to Have Longer Lasting Business Computers

Most businesses in the world right now use computers and there is almost no way of getting around that. It allows a business to do more while utilizing less time and effort compared to the conventional methods. It also allows the business to expand and gain more exposure due to social media and other platforms. However, relying on computers and gadgets can have a bad side as well. Since these things are machines, they might experience technical failures from time to time. This can harm your company’s productivity and output that might result to lower income. So before hiring a computer support Perth services have, check out the list below.

Back Up Regularly

You don’t know when a problem might happen. So, the best way to counter it is to prepare for it. Having your files backed up will not only save your files, but it will also save hours of work and effort trying to redo them. Having a physical back up hard drive or a cloud based account might not help you if you do not back up your data or keep your technology up to date. Lost files during hard drive failures might not be retrievable so it would be better if you can schedule your back up. However, if you tend to forget to do it most of the time, you can download automatic back up softwares to do it for you.

Don’t be Lazy on Security

Computer viruses are still one of the most occurring security risks that can affect a business. They affect almost seventy five percent small to medium sized businesses in 2015. Worms and viruses might destroy your files and even your computer. With that being said, avoiding them might not only assure a smooth sailing business, but might also help you save money on repairs and/or replacements. There are a lot of anti-viruses and malware protection online and installing them are easy! However, if you are not good with computers, you can always ask the computer support Perth services have today to do it for you. Another important thing that most business owners neglect is data spying and identity thefts. They have caused billions of dollars’ worth of lost profit all around the world. It usually happens when information are unwillingly given through social media, emails and fraudulent online purchases. To know about this, ask your expert technical support provider for a more detailed explanation.

Diagnose Issues Early

Early detection can also help you save time, money and effort on repairs. Once the problem is detected early, it is usually easier to repair and might cost less as well. If problems are diagnosed late, they might bring forth another problem. Or worse, might spread to other computers or cause accidents like fire and injury. Do not ignore pop up messages and noises. If you see a pop up or hear a noise, check it right away because that is your computer’s way of telling you that it is in distress. But if you don’t know what it means, ask the computer support Perth services have to offer.

In today’s fast paced life, an unproductive day can mean lost profit. So, be vigilant and follow these steps to ensure a longer computer life span.

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Slow computer? Find out four possible causes

Today, computers are doing many tasks in our offices and workplaces, since they are able to conduct several tasks in an efficient manner than human beings. However, the more people become dependent on their computers, the more frustrated they become whenever the computers develop some problems.  The PC has an average life of three to four years. However, if you expect the computer to work in conditions that are less than perfect, it may continuously develop problems that require you to hire DCS Computer Repair Services Perth has to offer. Knowing the causes of some computer problems such as slow computer can help you avoid them.  Below are four major causes of a slow computer:

The computer has run for long without a reboot

You should restart your computer after you engage in activities, such a uninstalling, and installing, implementing window updates among others, which affect functionality. Basically only a few of software updates and installations do not need restart. Some actually require you to forcefully restart them, while others simply request. It is common for you to brush off a request for a restart, because you have so much to do within a very short time.  This leaves the PC of your computer with unfinished businesses going on, especially when patches, multiple updates, and ignored requests for a restart are mounted on each other.  The result is that your computer starts to work more slowly or even hangs.

Old computer

Is your computer more than five years old? Then, you may need to understand that the age of the computer could be making it work slowly. Machines progress at a rate that is alarming, since new update for programs and new programs come out causing the minimum requirement for update to increase, and thus the old machine to slow down. In case your computer is more than five years old, consider buying a new computer or be ready to put up with a computer that runs very slowly coupled with frequent need for DCS Computer Repair Services Perth has to offer, to repair your faulty computer.

The PC needs a memory upgrade

In case you have had the computer for a year or more, it could be possible that the computer no longer meets the current memory requirement. Today, it is important for the machine to have a minimum of 1GB memory.  To know the amount of memory your computer has, open the processes tab in the task manager to see the programs that you have, and the resources they are using.

The machine is infected with malware or virus

In case you think that the PC is infected, you should scan it. Spyware and malware are a great cause of most computer problems. If you installed an antivirus scanner on your computer, it is important to run a malware scan on your computer.

The above are few reasons why your computer runs slow. A slow computer can make you very frustrated. If you are not sure of the reason behind the slow performance of the computer, hire DCS Computer Repair Services Perth has today, than attempting DIY. Computers are an essential part of the business, and the more slowly they run, the more business time you lose. This in turn leads to loss of income.

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E Waste Management: How Society Benefits

E-waste includes computers, laptops, televisions, and electronic crap that can be recycled. Research reveals that more than fifty tonnes worth of electronic waste is generated annually, as technology advances rapidly. With too much e-waste on the damp sites, our environment is at stake. As the saying goes, the environment is a borrowed possession from our children. With this idea in mind, reliable companies for computer recycling Brisbane has today came up with ideas to help with e-waste management. While such companies do the activity as a form of business, there are many ways societies benefit from the activity of e-waste recycling. Read on to find out.

E-waste Recycling Provides a Source of Employment

Companies for computer recycling Brisbane currently has are engaged in the business of ensuring that no electronic waste finds its way into the environment. This saves the ecosystem from harmful elements that come from the waste. In addition, companies that perform such activities need manpower and therefore have to employ youth and professionals to work in various departments in the recycling industry. This, in turn, supports the economy in a very positive way.

E-waste Recycling Minimizes Cost of Production

Where effective recycling processes lack, a lot of electronic waste goes into landfills, which are not available in some countries. The affected countries have to incur expenses of transporting the waste to other countries with landfills and dump sites they can dispose of the waste. However, in Brisbane, reliable companies for computer recycling Brisbane offers exist to ensure effective management of electronic waste. In many other states in Australia, e-waste recycling can reduce domestic costs of production and even ease the burden on the places they intend to dump them.

E-waste Management Leads to Resource Conservation

Performed properly by reliable companies for E Waste collection Brisbane has to offer, recycling process can bring back raw materials from the waste into effective use. This makes available adequate resources that manufacturers can use to support sustainable development and to reduce the burden on the economy. For example, recycling prevents extraction of minerals to make products, which in turn save the environment from the negative effects of such activities.

E-waste Recycling Leads to Energy Efficiency

When compared to natural mining process, recycling is cheaper and more energy efficient. Therefore, companies engaged in recycling processes incur lesser costs than those that carry out actual mining. In addition, recycling also reduces the effects of pollution and dependency on earth’s dwindling minerals. To that end, companies for E waste collection Melbourne has today are out to do a good job to boost the economy and protect the environment.

E-waste Management Creates Business Opportunities

For companies for E waste collection Sydney has today, it is a form of business. Recycling process creates opportunities for business when they require recycling facilities and materials to get the job done. This trickles down to the economy when business people find relevant companies with whom to do business.

If you are in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, companies for e-waste management are there to carry out computer recycling services.
Computer Recycling

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Choosing a Suitable Computer Support: Smart PC Owners’ Guide

In today’s digital world, many companies have resorted to using computer systems to make sure that company processes move smoothly. This has proven to be a great method to handle work since computer systems are reliable and make work so much easier. As these systems are made by humans, they are prone to errors at some point. This being the case, it is mandatory that companies have on the clock support for their systems. There are numerous companies which are dedicated to helping you sort all your systems support problems such as Computer Support Perth, DCS services so that your systems are always at their optimum.

Choosing a computer support service such as Computer Support Perth, DCS Services should be done with caution as it affects the running of your company directly. So what guidelines should you follow to ensure that you get a suitable service?

1.       Consistency and Reliability: The computer support service should be consistent and reliable, meaning that if possible, there should be a technician on call for every problem that any employee may encounter possibly even through the weekends. The number of hours of support services should, however, be well stipulated in a service level agreement. This is because most senior managers prefer to work during the weekend so that they can see through important work.

2.       Clear and concise: The support service technicians should be able to speak in layman’s terms when explaining how to solve a certain tech-related problem. This is because many people are not familiar with tech jargon as they may not belong to the technology field.

3.       New Ways of System Improvement: The computer support service should be in a position to offer new ways to improve system performance every few months. They should be proactive enough not to wait for something bad to happen before they implement the changes. This ensures that the system remains in an optimum state improving the productivity of the company’s employees.

4.       Errors and Omissions Insurance: To protect your company from loss of data it is mandatory that the service company you choose has an errors and omissions insurance policy. This ensures that during the time when your systems experience downtime due to faults there is a compensation policy.

5.       Costs: The service should be cost friendly depending on the amount of support your company needs. This factor requires that a company considers the value of the support that company will give. Also, as you choose a service make sure that there are no hidden costs to avoid incurring any extra expenses.

6.       Comprehensive Reporting and Backup: The service should provide a comprehensive report every month to show the everything that is happening on the system and the measures taken to keep the system performing in an optimum state. They should put in place recommendations monthly to enable the in-house team to ensure the system is always at its optimum. Also, a backup of the system should be made daily so that it is possible to look back into the archives whenever a company needs to.

As listed above, it is highly advisable that a company looks for a support service such as Computer Support Perth, DCS Services as they will help you maintain optimum performance on your systems.

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How to Select the Best Computer Desk

In an age where things are getting more and more technological, computer desks are now considered to be must-haves for everyone. From corporate executives to young kids learning the basics of using computers, a good computer desk is needed. And when it comes to buying decisions, the market offers plenty of models and a wide range of designs to choose from. While this is a good thing for most people due to its variety, this can also be a double-edged sword as customers will have a hard time picking what is best for their needs.

If you are grappling with a similar dilemma, here is a simple guide that you can use in choosing the best computer desk Brisbane for your needs:

The Type of Computer

The type of computer you are using goes a long way in determining the type of computer desk you will purchase. Are you planning to use a laptop computer or a desktop computer? 

Generally, desktop computers are larger in size and involve more power connections compared to laptop computers. Thus, this type of computer certainly influences the type of computer desk Brisbane that you will choose. Computer desks for desktop computers also need other desktop-friendly features such as desktop storage hutches and an enclosed cabinet, which main function is to protect the computer tower.

On the other hand, laptop computer desks tend to be sleeker like the devices these are designed for. The designs of laptop computer desks are also more open compared to desktop computers. It is due to the simplicity of laptop designs and the fact that these are designed with a very low centre of gravity, making it very hard for laptops to simply fall off the table.

Today, laptop desks are designed with more cutting-edge features you are unlikely to find in desktop computer desks because of the ever-growing sleekness of laptop computer designs. These include built-in laptop charging stations and deeper pullout platforms.

Functional Features

This is an overlapping point, but one that needs a separate treatment. List down the functional features that you need for your computer desk in Brisbane, then go out shopping based on this checklist. Common functional features you can consider include storage compartment designs, drawers, keyboard trays for desktop computers, printer shelves, hutches, and many more.

Office furniture in Logan designers and suppliers also have innovative layout ideas, which you can incorporate when shopping for a computer desk in Brisbane.

Materials and Make

The materials used and the make of computer desk Brisbane products are important considerations when buying this kind of office furniture. When it comes to desk materials, there are several options you can choose from. These include durable solid wood and fibreboards with medium density, as well as glass and metallic computer desks amongst others.


Ergonomic design is an increasingly popular trend when it comes to consumer products. This is something that you should consider when choosing office furniture in Brisbane. Proper ergonomic design in a computer desk allows you to work more comfortably and efficiently without straining your body.

Good ergonomic design also lessens the risk of repetitive stress injuries, which are common with people working on computers for a long duration of time.

Get quality computer desks and filing cabinets in Brisbane and Logan at Office Direct QLD.

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