Is it safe to travel to Morocco?

On the northern shore of Africa, only nine miles from Europe over the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco is an immensely popular tourist destination.

Attractions, for example, Marrakech, its deserts and the Atlas Mountains draw 600,000 Britons every year, except with the security circumstance in in so much of north Africa being so tense, is it some place individuals ought to be pondering going by? Here’s all you have to know.

Road travel

Morocco’s street security record is poor. Mishaps happen habitually, and in territories, for example, the mountains, street conditions can be perilous. An absence of lighting influences night-to time driving best maintained a strategic distance from, and people on foot are known to cross motorways.

It is fitting for drivers to convey a Constat Amiable shape, which can be grabbed from tobacconists, to be filled in if there should be an occurrence of a street mischance. The frame should be marked by the two gatherings.


Where there are travelers, there is burglary. Be vigilant about going out after dull, and abstain from conveying expansive aggregates of cash. Frivolous wrongdoing, for example, pick-taking and pack grabbing is a customary event.

When utilizing nearby visit guides, ensure they have an official identification – badgering by counterfeit visit guides is a typical issue, and ladies going without anyone else should practice alert.

Terror Threat

Be careful. In April 2011, 17 individuals were murdered and 25 harmed in a bomb assault at an eatery in Marrakech, and not long ago captures were made in the seaside town of El Jadida as a fear cell with national associations was upset. They are accepted to have been arranging assaults on spots of residential and visitor significance.

Political showings, which can happen anyplace in the nation, are for the most part tranquil yet vacationers are encouraged to maintain a strategic distance from extensive social affairs and to take after neighborhood security guidance.

Hiking and wellbeing

Mountain trekking alone is not prompted – look for nearby exhortation, and when conceivable, join a composed gathering, or contract a guide who knows the range.

The crisis restorative telephone number in Morocco is 150. Henna tattoos are regular in Morocco however be careful as some contain a substance called PPD which can deliver an unfavorably susceptible response.

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