Slow computer? Find out four possible causes

Today, computers are doing many tasks in our offices and workplaces, since they are able to conduct several tasks in an efficient manner than human beings. However, the more people become dependent on their computers, the more frustrated they become whenever the computers develop some problems.  The PC has an average life of three to four years. However, if you expect the computer to work in conditions that are less than perfect, it may continuously develop problems that require you to hire DCS Computer Repair Services Perth has to offer. Knowing the causes of some computer problems such as slow computer can help you avoid them.  Below are four major causes of a slow computer:

The computer has run for long without a reboot

You should restart your computer after you engage in activities, such a uninstalling, and installing, implementing window updates among others, which affect functionality. Basically only a few of software updates and installations do not need restart. Some actually require you to forcefully restart them, while others simply request. It is common for you to brush off a request for a restart, because you have so much to do within a very short time.  This leaves the PC of your computer with unfinished businesses going on, especially when patches, multiple updates, and ignored requests for a restart are mounted on each other.  The result is that your computer starts to work more slowly or even hangs.

Old computer

Is your computer more than five years old? Then, you may need to understand that the age of the computer could be making it work slowly. Machines progress at a rate that is alarming, since new update for programs and new programs come out causing the minimum requirement for update to increase, and thus the old machine to slow down. In case your computer is more than five years old, consider buying a new computer or be ready to put up with a computer that runs very slowly coupled with frequent need for DCS Computer Repair Services Perth has to offer, to repair your faulty computer.

The PC needs a memory upgrade

In case you have had the computer for a year or more, it could be possible that the computer no longer meets the current memory requirement. Today, it is important for the machine to have a minimum of 1GB memory.  To know the amount of memory your computer has, open the processes tab in the task manager to see the programs that you have, and the resources they are using.

The machine is infected with malware or virus

In case you think that the PC is infected, you should scan it. Spyware and malware are a great cause of most computer problems. If you installed an antivirus scanner on your computer, it is important to run a malware scan on your computer.

The above are few reasons why your computer runs slow. A slow computer can make you very frustrated. If you are not sure of the reason behind the slow performance of the computer, hire DCS Computer Repair Services Perth has today, than attempting DIY. Computers are an essential part of the business, and the more slowly they run, the more business time you lose. This in turn leads to loss of income.

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