Availing the Best Package to be at the 2016 US Masters Golf

Golf is a sport that attracts a huge fan following across the world. Many golf enthusiasts travel great lengths to watch their favourite players swing the irons and putt the ball. The pleasure of observing the leader board change constantly with every hole leaves these fans with some unique feelings only their fellow fans can appreciate. And of the major golf tournaments played all over the world, the US Masters in Augusta is considered the most coveted. Held in April, fans look forward to the USA Golf packages to make their bookings well in advance.

USA Golf packagesWhat do the Packages Include

The travel agencies which specialise in taking groups of fans to various sporting engagements around the world have an attractive package for the2016 US Masters as well. The package would generally include the accommodation for the 6 days (5 nights of hotel stay) of the tournament in a star category hotel in Augusta. The fans need to make the travel arrangements from wherever they are to Augusta. The accommodation usually comes with complimentary breakfast. The US Masters tickets would be included using which one can attend the tournament rounds for 2 days at the Masters.

Besides this, there is this attraction of 2 days of enjoying the hospitality which includes the complete food for the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner at the 1018 Club. This is something the fans keenly look forward to. The 1018 Club has built for itself a legendary reputation, matched only by the reputation of some of the legends of the golf game itself. The ambience, the amenities and the food here get talked about for days after one has been through the 1018 experience!

Apart from this, the US Masters golf packages include having a go at the greens in the Augusta golf courses, though not where the main tournament is being held. However, it still gives you the bragging rights of having swung your clubs in Augusta. These are usually offered with most USA Golf packages. You can also check if it includes the two way transfers from the place of stay in Augusta to the 1018 Club and back and also to the golf courses and back. If you are carrying your golf kit, you would want to travel comfortably to and from the playing locations in Augusta.

Experience of the Organisers Makes the Difference

Organising a trip like this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Agencies which have been doing this for years and have been there before do a much better job. It all boils down to having the right connections or contractual arrangements at the destinations. The hotels get over crowded, and the costs are also jacked up by the vendors trying to make a fast buck. So if you have to avail the best of the USA Golf packages, you need to pick the agency which can give you the best of both worlds; all facilities and activities thrown in and at affordable costs. Once you have made the booking, you should feel at ease since they would have a dedicated host to manage things as soon as you reach Augusta and inform them of your arrival plans.

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